How do I get my community to add my phone number?

Encourage your audience to save your Norby phone number to their contacts so they can continue to connect with you via SMS messaging.

As a paying Norby customer, you get your own unique phone number that can be used to communicate and interact with your audience. To get the most out of Norby's SMS functionality, get your audience to save your Norby phone number to their contacts so that they know when you're messaging them about new and exciting things you are working on, events you are putting together, and more. Use these tips and tricks to get your audience to add your Norby phone number to their contacts. 


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  1. From your Norby dashboard, create a new drop via the Content dropdown. Title your drop something that indicates to your audience that they will be receiving texts from you if they sign up, like "Sign up here to join my text community" or "Add me to your contacts" -- feel free to get creative here. 
  2. Fill out the rest of the details under the Basic tab, such as subtitle and body text to clarify that anyone who signs up for this drop will be receiving text messages from you. 
  3. Under the Registration tab, indicate what types of information you'd like to collect from those who sign up. Names and emails are optional, but phone numbers are always required. 
  4. Here comes the important part. Fill out the Keyword field to allow your audience to text a keyword/s of your choice to your unique phone number to sign up for the drop. Keywords can be one word, "Orbit" for example, or they can be multiple words, like "Grow Your Orbit". You can get creative here as well, just no forward or backwards slashes (/ or \). 
  5. Under the Notifications tab, try out turning on SMS registration notifications. This will send a text to anyone who signs up for the drop. You can write something like "You're on the list. Welcome to my text community!" for example. This can act as a way to welcome people to your SMS messaging list and can be customized to your preferences. 
  6. Fill out the rest of the drop details and publish the drop to the Norby Page of your choice. Start sharing out your Norby phone number along with the keyword you set up in the drop. Be sure to share both the keyword and the phone number together to encourage your audience to text the phone number. This could be sharing out the phone number and keyword on an Instagram story or grid post reading "Text 'Orbit' to (844)-430-1261 to sign up for Norby merch announcements!" for example. You can also send out the keyword and your phone number in email marketing, on Twitter, or any other social platforms you use frequently. 
  7. Try out adding a Text block to your Norby Homepage with your phone number and keyword to drive sign ups. 
  8. When your audience texts the keyword to the phone number, they will receive a text with a contact card that will easily allow them to save your Norby phone number under your name.

    Locating your Norby phone number 

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Your Norby phone number lives permanently on the righthand side of your Norby dashboard. It  can also be found above the Keyword text box in the event or drop creation flows. Once your trial period is over and you become a paying customer, you will receive your own phone number; during your trial your SMS campaigns are sent via a shared Norby phone number. 


*Last updated 7/26/2021*