How do I customize registration and RSVPs?

Customize you event registration and RSVP flows to create a unique experience for your attendees.

Configure RSVPs

After you’ve filled out your event’s basic information, you can use the same panel to customize RSVPs. By default, Norby only requires a mobile phone number for users to RSVP to an event so they can get a text when the event starts or content drops. You can use the Required Information section to specify any additional data you want to collect, like names and email addresses.

Newsletter Opt Ins

Allow users to opt into your newsletters when registering for an event. To do this, make sure to include emails under Required Information in your registration requirements. Just toggle on Newsletter opt in and customize the label that will appear to attendees in the text box below. 

SMS reminders

SMS reminders are customizable and contain a direct link to the event or drop. Links shared over SMS are automatically analytics-enabled, so you can easily track conversion and shares. You can also send follow up texts after the event or drop to continue the conversation or share additional materials.


Allow users to text a keyword to your personal Norby phone number to sign up for an event. Your Norby phone number can be found above the keyword text box when setting up keywords for your event, or on the right hand side of your Norby dashboard. 


Want to password protect your event? Toggle on Password and type out a custom password for your event. Just don't forget to share this password with your attendees -- you can add this password to your event confirmation that is sent out to users when they RSVP, or you can use our password variable and we will take care of it for you. 

Custom fields

If you’d like to collect custom data, you can use the Custom Fields section to require users to answer survey questions before they can RSVP, e.g. what industry they work in, their job title, or how they came across your content. 

Maximum capacity

You can also set a maximum capacity for your event by toggling the Capacity switch under Pre-event settings, as well as whether to publicly display the remaining spots on the event.


*Last updated 7/26/2021*