How do I create a Drop?

Follow the steps below to create a Drop.

  1.  Create a Drop from the dashboard short cut or select Drops in the left hand navigation, hit the Create button and choose Drop.
  2.  Add a title for your drop and tell your people what they’re signing up for.
  3. Fill out the rest of the fields with as much detail as you like.
  4. Select a featured image to capture the imagination of your audience. The image will be shown in your feed, on the event page, and in link previews.
  5. Select which Page/s to publish the drop to using the drop down menu. The Homepage is the default feed. 
  6. Tap the Registration tab to collect audience profile data and add custom survey questions. You can also turn on keywords to allow users to text a word of your choice to your Norby phone number to register for your drop. 
  7. Tap the Notifications tab to select and configure the notifications that your audience will receive when they sign up for the drop. Learn more about how to set up and create custom notifications here.
  8. Under Display customize the header shown behind the featured image on the event detail page. The CTA (call to action) buttons can also be customized in your brand voice.
  9.  Save your drop as a draft to return to it later, or hit publish to make it live and start sharing the link!
  10. Once the drop has been published create a campaign. Find more information about creating and scheduling campaigns here.  


**Note: If weekly is selected our weeks start on a Monday at 12:00am UTC and end on Sunday 11:59pm UTC. One campaign can be sent per week. If monthly is selected only one campaign can be sent per month. 


*Last updated 7/26/2021*