How do I create links?

Use Norby as your link in bio and link out to all your social profiles and content no matter where they are on the web.

Creating & publishing links is easy:

  1. Hit the Content drop down and select Link, then hit the Create button in the lower right hand corner and select Link.
  2. Under 'Basic' add the URL you want your Link to point to, Email address or select another Norby Page to point to.
  3. Add a title and description under details. 
  4. Upload a featured image for the Link if applicable. 
  5. Select a Norby Page to add your Link to. 
  6. Under 'Display' tweak background colors of your Links as well as font colors. 
  7.  Hit Publish and check out the live preview. 
  8. Drag and drop to arrange your Links as well as publish or unpublish them. 


screen_reduced copy



*Last updated 7/2/2021*