How do I create events?

You can use Norby with any of the livestreaming platforms you're already on, like Zoom, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, and more.

  1. Click or tap Create an event on your dashboard. Alternatively, head to the Events section, hit the Create button and choose Event.
  2. Title your event and fill out the details under Location. If your event is happening online, provide a link to wherever you are hosting the event. Users who register for your event will be directed to this URL when the event is starting. (This could be, for example, your Instagram profile URL if you're hosting your event on Instagram; it could also be a Google Hangout link, a Youtube link, a Zoom link, etc.) If your event is IRL, provide the street address where the event will be taking place. 
  3. If you've linked your Zoom account in Integrations, you also have the option of creating a Zoom meeting right from your Norby dashboard. Instead of entering an event URL, just tap Add Zoom and a Zoom meeting will be created and linked for you. More on this here. 
  4. Hosting an event with panelists or multiple hosts? Try using the body text box to link out to their profiles or organizations. Fill out the rest of the fields with as much detail as you like.If your event is in person, you can add more details about location, directions, and any other important information that attendees will need to know before your event. 
  5. Select a featured image to capture the imagination of your audience. The image will be shown on whichever Norby Page you publish the event to, on the event page itself, and in link previews.
  6. Tap the Registration tab to collect audience profile data, add custom survey questions, set a capacity for your event. You can also enable a password for your event and provide that information here, or set up a keyword to allow attendees to text your Norby phone number to sign up for your event. More on this here. 
  7. Tap the Notifications tab to select and configure the notifications that an attendee will receive when they RSVP and the event starts. Learn more about how to set up and create custom notifications here
  8. Select Monetization to add ticketing or donations. If adding ticketing ensure a Stripe account is connected to Norby, which can be hooked up from the Integrations tab. Find about more about Stripe here. Ensure you select a refund policy for ticketed events. 
  9. Under Display customize the header shown behind the featured image on the event detail page. The CTA (call to action) buttons can also be customized in your brand voice.
  10. Save your event as a draft to return to it later, or hit publish to make it live and start sharing the link!


*Last updated 7/26/2021*