How do I embed Norby events on another site?

Norby widgets like events and Drops can be embedded anywhere on the web – if you can embed a tweet or Youtube video, you can embed a Norby widget.

Got a blog, website, or shop? Your embedded Norby widgets also retain your custom branding, so wherever you put them they’ll fit in with the rest of your content.

Embedding Events or Drops

Find the event or Drop you'd like to embed in your Norby dashboard and tap the share button, then "Copy embed code" and choose the type of embed you'd like to use.

  • Card – this will embed the entire event or Drop card (the same thing you see in your Norby home feed when you add events and Drops there)
  • Register button – this will embed just the registration/signup button, allowing you to completely customize the page around it
  • Share button – similar to the register button, this will embed just the share button, allowing you to completely customize the surrounding page

You can drop the copied embed code into any HTML or site editor. If you run into any issues with embeds, let us know at


*Last updated 7/26/2021*