How to create a Campaign

Learn how to create an SMS or Email campaign

1. Create a Campaign from the dashboard short cut.

2. Select a Segment to send a campaign to via the drop down mean or search functionality.

3. Select the campaign medium either SMS or Email.

4. Craft the SMS or email messaging. All links used in campaigns are automagically analytics enabled by Norby and tracked. Please note text messages have a 160 character limit per SMS message. Some characters (like emoji) take more space than others, so the actual limit may be lower. If you go over the limit, your message will automatically be broken up into segments. For more information, check out this messaging segment calculator.

5. Email campaigns can be branded with inline images and the rich text editor. Emails can be pretty much as long as you like! By default emails are limited to 5,000 characters, but let us know if you need more.

6. Next either send immediately or schedule the campaign for a later date and time.

7. Save your camping as a draft to return to it later, or hit Review and Send to send it immediately or schedule it. 


*Last updated 7/26/2021*