How to Create and Send Newsletters

This article will show you how to build, publish and deploy your newsletters.


To build your newsletter:

1.Tap the Newsletters tab in the lefthand side menu and then hit '+ new newsletter' or scroll to the bottom left and then tap '+ create' and select 'Newsletter'.

2. Under Compose add the title and subtitle (like a pre-header) of your newsletter and then build out the body of it with the rich text editor and image editor. The newsletters can be as long and as detailed as you would like. 

3. The newsletter tool comes with its own hosted page as well as an email version to send to all your subscribers. Under the Design tab select and attach a feature image and then choose your header style for the hosted page. If you are use the Newsletter List block on one of your pages it will also appear there as well. 

4. Head to the Tags tab and include tabs for your newsletter list block or Zapier if you have it. 

5. Next, finalise your newsletter by scheduling it to publish to the hosted page and notifying your newsletter subscribers by selecting the date and time and scripting the subject line. 

6. You can also tweak the email version and introduce personalized elements, like addressing subscribers by name or prompting them to share their referral link with variables in the body.If you want to pull in the exact body content used in the compost tab use the variable {{ CONTENT_BODY }}. 

7. Finally, hit publish or save as a draft.


*Last updated 7/28/2021*